When to Seek Alcohol Treatment by Rehab Switzerland

There are a number of good reasons to seek alcohol treatment, such as for the sake of your health, relationships and job. The fact is that ultimately alcoholism can lead to serious illness and death. The fact you’re even considering alcohol treatment suggests that there could be a problem and it’s well worth talking to your GP or an addiction specialist. Don’t forget that some alcohol rehab centres also offer preventative treatment for those who think they may be developing a problem, so don’t delay getting treatment.


Consider these issues too:

  • Are you pregnant? If you’re pregnant or considering getting pregnant soon, seek help with your drinking as drinking any alcohol while carrying a baby could affect the health and wellbeing of your unborn child.
  • Is alcohol affecting you at work? If you’re regularly late, absent or hungover and unproductive because of alcohol, you could be risking your job. Alcohol treatment could save your career.
  • Have you tried to stop drinking but failed? Alcohol treatment with professional help could help you follow through with your wishes to stop drinking.
  • Are you drinking because you’re angry or upset? Treatment could help you break these relationships and to cope with your emotions without alcohol.
  • Are you regularly experiencing blackouts and ill health because of alcohol? Seeking professional help will enable you to avoid repeating this and to protect your health.
  • Are you behaving out of character because of your drinking and do you feel that your personality is changing? Some people become more violent, aggressive and argumentative when they have been drinking too much and that this affects their relationships with family and loved ones. Professional help can enable you to break these behaviour patterns and to hopefully rebuild damaged relationships.

If your body has developed a physical dependence on alcohol, a detox programme may be the best option. It’s essential you seek medical advice before doing this as the side effects can be severe and dangerous – potentially fatal, in fact. This should not put you off though. A GP or rehab centre can advise and prescribe medicine to minimise the symptoms and monitor you until alcohol is fully out of your system.

Detox alone is unlikely to help you stop drinking permanently, though. It needs to be backed up be rehabilitation treatment and an aftercare programme which focuses on how you can cope with everyday situations without alcohol and on breaking your drinking habits.

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