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Moving home can be a stressful situation physically and emotionally. And, there are bound to be some injuries. It’s common to sprain a leg while trying to lift a box. It’s worse if your child gets hurt while you turn your back to get things done.

This article discusses tips to move home safely while keeping serious injuries at bay.

Box Weight
Homeowners grab bigger cardboard boxes because of their capacity for more. But they are not the ideal option for moving. After all, who is going to lift those boxes?

Use some method to your packing. Distribute the weight across the box, putting heavier items at the bottom. Don’t make the boxes too heavy as you might injure yourself trying to carry it. You should be able to lift the box without any strain and without wobbling.

Get Help
Moving is physically very taxing. No matter how well you’ve planned it, it cannot be done single-handedly.

You can request friends and relatives to help you out. A house removals company not only has the manpower but also the proper equipment like levers to achieve a smooth move. That’s a major advantage.

Be Careful How You Lift
Most injuries when moving home are caused due to faulty lifting actions. When trying to pick up something, do not bend over. Always sit down in a squatting position and then stand up gradually as you lift. Never turn at the hips when lifting something. Instead of trying to lift every item, there may be a few boxes that can be pushed.

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