Vinterbo Dental Scaling- Who needs dental cleaning

Dental cleaning is an important part of oral health. Professional dental cleaning, such as dental scaling or planing, can remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and roots, and can be used as treatment for gum disease and gingivitis.

Professional dental cleaning may involve two specific procedures: scaling, and root planing. Scaling is used to remove plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth, while root planing is a procedure that removes plaque from the surface of the roots. Either or both of these procedures can be performed as routine dental cleaning to remove the initial stages of calculus (the hardened form of plaque), or they may be used as preparatory procedures before surgery to treat gingivitis or gum disease.


Dental scaling and planing can be a painful procedure, and may require the use of local anesthetic. The dental instruments used for scaling may be either manual or ultrasonic. Manual instruments include curettes and scalers, and are sharp instruments that come in different shapes for use in different areas of the mouth. They are used to scrape hardened plaque off the surface of the teeth. Ultrasonic instruments include vibrating instruments and water-jet instruments; the vibrating instruments have a blunt end which uses friction from vibrations to remove the hardened plaque, while the water-powered instruments use a powerful stream of water to wash plaque from the teeth. Generally, a dentist will use the ultrasonic instruments to remove as much plaque as possible, and then use the manual instruments to go more deeply toward the gums and to scrape off any remaining plaque.

These dental cleaning procedures can be very effective in removing bacteria and plaque growth from the teeth; however, in severe cases, the cleaning may have to be very intensive and may be quite painful – such as in cases of gum disease or gingivitis. In such cases, the dentist will usually recommend an antiseptic mouthwash in place of brushing while the gums heal, combined with the use of over-the-counter pain relievers. In severe cases, the gums may bleed, and it may take up to a week for the gums to recover and for the pain and bleeding to stop.

Though these procedures can be unpleasant for the patient, they are a very effective way to remove the plaque from the teeth, treat gum disease, and improve the overall health of the mouth. Dental cleaning is an important aspect of oral health, whether as a treatment for gum disease, or as a preventative measure.

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Good Chiropractor near me

Good Chiropractor has studied a variety of treatment techniques over the years and has evolved his unique blend of chiropractic assessment, including manual and instrument spinal and extremity adjustment procedures, cranial therapy, into a highly effective system for the treatment.

He has been ‘Advanced Proficiency Rated’ in the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique since November 2003. The Activator Technique utilises a hand held instrument to deliver a very specific ‘low force’ adjustment to the spine or extremities. The technique incorporates the latest advances in orthopaedic, neurological, and chiropractic examinations along with a unique system of administering spinal adjustments.


Rehabilitation and exercise

Since graduating from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic Clinic in 1988, I have been aware of the body of research that suggests that a combined approach to back problems will often yield the best results. With this in mind, we try to provide our patients with a suitable exercise programme which can be done at home, as well as advice on modifying their lifestyle to help them deal with their back problems.

The aim of  chiropractic health care is to relieve pain as much as we can, but backache is often a recurrent problem and we aim to enlist the patient to participate actively in their own back-care programme to help them deal with any chronic symptoms and get on with their lives.


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Benefits of Hormone Therapy in Charlotte NC

Benefits of Hormone Therapy in Charlotte NC

Natural hormones are identical to a woman’s own hormones.  Unlike synthetic formulas, natural hormones have exactly the same chemical structure as those found in a woman’s body.


Natural hormones therapy will reduce the symptoms of menopause.  

Natural hormones have few side effects.  Since they are identical to a women’s own hormones, she does not have to worry about the uncomfortable and potentially dangerous side effects often experienced with synthetic hormone treatments.

Each woman receives individualized does to meet her unique needs.  Each woman is unique, with her own normal hormone levels.  Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and other hormones must be properly balanced for optimum health.  Working with a physician and a compounding pharmacist, each woman can receive specific amounts of each hormone to create the therapy that is just right for her.

                            Common Symptoms of Menopause and Perimenopause

                                      Hot Flashes/night sweats              Disturbed sleep      

                                        Poor concentration/memory         Thinning skin

                                          Depression                                      Osteoporosis

                                          Slow Healing                              Irregular menstruation

                                         Vaginal thinning/dryness         Painful intercourse

                                       Reduced libido (interest in sex)      Weight gain

Are you looking for relief from the discomfort of menopausal symptoms?  Are you concerned about the potential side effects of traditional, synthetic hormone replacement therapy?

                                Hormone Therapy in Charlotte NC might be for you!