Benefits of Hormone Therapy in Charlotte NC

Benefits of Hormone Therapy in Charlotte NC

Natural hormones are identical to a woman’s own hormones.  Unlike synthetic formulas, natural hormones have exactly the same chemical structure as those found in a woman’s body.


Natural hormones therapy will reduce the symptoms of menopause.  

Natural hormones have few side effects.  Since they are identical to a women’s own hormones, she does not have to worry about the uncomfortable and potentially dangerous side effects often experienced with synthetic hormone treatments.

Each woman receives individualized does to meet her unique needs.  Each woman is unique, with her own normal hormone levels.  Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and other hormones must be properly balanced for optimum health.  Working with a physician and a compounding pharmacist, each woman can receive specific amounts of each hormone to create the therapy that is just right for her.

                            Common Symptoms of Menopause and Perimenopause

                                      Hot Flashes/night sweats              Disturbed sleep      

                                        Poor concentration/memory         Thinning skin

                                          Depression                                      Osteoporosis

                                          Slow Healing                              Irregular menstruation

                                         Vaginal thinning/dryness         Painful intercourse

                                       Reduced libido (interest in sex)      Weight gain

Are you looking for relief from the discomfort of menopausal symptoms?  Are you concerned about the potential side effects of traditional, synthetic hormone replacement therapy?

                                Hormone Therapy in Charlotte NC might be for you!                                                                                     

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When to Seek Alcohol Treatment by Rehab Switzerland

There are a number of good reasons to seek alcohol treatment, such as for the sake of your health, relationships and job. The fact is that ultimately alcoholism can lead to serious illness and death. The fact you’re even considering alcohol treatment suggests that there could be a problem and it’s well worth talking to your GP or an addiction specialist. Don’t forget that some alcohol rehab centres also offer preventative treatment for those who think they may be developing a problem, so don’t delay getting treatment.


Consider these issues too:

  • Are you pregnant? If you’re pregnant or considering getting pregnant soon, seek help with your drinking as drinking any alcohol while carrying a baby could affect the health and wellbeing of your unborn child.
  • Is alcohol affecting you at work? If you’re regularly late, absent or hungover and unproductive because of alcohol, you could be risking your job. Alcohol treatment could save your career.
  • Have you tried to stop drinking but failed? Alcohol treatment with professional help could help you follow through with your wishes to stop drinking.
  • Are you drinking because you’re angry or upset? Treatment could help you break these relationships and to cope with your emotions without alcohol.
  • Are you regularly experiencing blackouts and ill health because of alcohol? Seeking professional help will enable you to avoid repeating this and to protect your health.
  • Are you behaving out of character because of your drinking and do you feel that your personality is changing? Some people become more violent, aggressive and argumentative when they have been drinking too much and that this affects their relationships with family and loved ones. Professional help can enable you to break these behaviour patterns and to hopefully rebuild damaged relationships.

If your body has developed a physical dependence on alcohol, a detox programme may be the best option. It’s essential you seek medical advice before doing this as the side effects can be severe and dangerous – potentially fatal, in fact. This should not put you off though. A GP or rehab centre can advise and prescribe medicine to minimise the symptoms and monitor you until alcohol is fully out of your system.

Detox alone is unlikely to help you stop drinking permanently, though. It needs to be backed up be rehabilitation treatment and an aftercare programme which focuses on how you can cope with everyday situations without alcohol and on breaking your drinking habits.

More info at Rehab Switzerland

Best New Port Richey Chiropractor

Mission Statement: Creating a Lifetime of Wellness for families based upon Chiropractic, Sound Science and Education.

New Port Richey Chiropractor is a certified chiropractic office centered around the most up to date chiropractic care and teaching you what’s required to live a long, happy, and healthy life.  We offer services to help with nutrition, emotional wellness and physical movement to teach and inspire you to take responsibility for your own health. Pain management is also available in our office.

If you are searching for someone with clinical expertise in spinal adjustments and drug free pain relief, then you have finally found the right place! We are your office.

We want you to feel comfortable knowing that from your first visit you will be treated with the care and compassion that you would expect from a team of professionals. Please give us a call and feel free to explore our site to learn more about our back pain relief services.



Chiropractors are medical professionals who focus on the back. Much of the treatments are conducted via manual manipulation of the spine In addition to solving neuromuscular problems, it can also work to reduce back pain.

A chiropractor will learn his or her trade at an accredited chiropractic college. The courses are designed to be extremely rigorous. Because it is a branch of medicine, the chiropractor must be extremely knowledgeable. The chiropractor’s office may also be able to offer other services, such as trigger point massage therapy.



Cure Social Anxiety Disorder

The dictionary defines anxiety as an uneasiness of mind or distressful state of mind that is experienced by some one who is fearful or has had a recent misfortune of some kind. This definition of course, describes a relatively normal type of nervousness. However anxiety disorder, or the type of nervousness caused by anxiety disorder involves physical feelings which bring the anxiety sufferer to the point he/she can temporarily lose some, or even all his/her capacity to perform normally. When dealing with anxiety spells, referred to as panic attacks, it is important to know they can be successfully overcome. The key is realizing they are adrenaline driven feelings and not real physical problems.

We have had thousands of people ask, can you Cure Social Anxiety. People who have this disorder have a persistent, intense and sometimes chronic fear of being watched and/or judged by other people and being embarrassed and/or humiliated by their actions.


While many people with social anxiety recognize that their fear of being around people may be excessive and unreasonable, they are unable to minimize or overcome it.

What treatments are there for Social Anxiety Disorder? There’s one treatment to cure social anxiety disorder that works and many that don’t!

There are no other programs of recovery for social anxiety sufferers that resemble this Method but past program members consider it to be THE conclusive treatment for anxiety disorders such. There is CBD oil for anxiety out there too.